Website, ecommerce, Ocala web development, SEO, user friendly, Web design, Easy Websites, mobile friendly, small business, 24/7 customer support, responsive design, search engine optimization, Ocoos Business Services, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida Website, ecommerce, Ocala web development, SEO, user friendly, Web design, Easy Websites, mobile friendly, small business, 24/7 customer support, responsive design, search engine optimization,

Ocala, Florida Website, ecommerce, Ocala web development, SEO, user friendly, Web design, Easy Websites, mobile friendly, small business, 24/7 customer support, responsive design, search engine optimization,

Website Development  

Welcome!  This is the business services site for Ocoos. For more information, visit our main site at    Vertical market solutions we have built include hotels, tour operators, professionals (doctors, CPAs, insurance agents, realtors, local distributors, and more.) 

You can learn a bit about us on industry publications (BusinessNewsDaily or  WebsiteMagazine ). If you do a google search on our company, you will find that we are partnered with  leading technology companies such as IBM, Dell, and Microsoft. 

Let us put "Your Business Online, Simply"

Ocoos is a cloud based small business web platform designed to bring your entire business operations online.

Responsive and E-commerce are two important ideas to understand in terms of your online business solution. Responsive design means that your website works well on both laptop and mobile platforms. This is exceedingly important because it is very likely that your customers are viewing your website on a mobile phone, and the direction is that more will view it there in the future. Because of this trend, Google has gone as far as downgrading sites in search which are not mobile friendly. How does our company compare ?  

We use a technology platform, Ocoos, which we term as responsive+. That is, it works well on mobile devices, but the information is stored in a way that we could put it on other platforms (example iWatch).  With this approach, we can offer customers some level of insurance against technology shifts in the marketplace.

E-commerce is also an important concept because with eCommerce you can turn your digital sign to an actual 24x7 store. With computers doing the work, you can grow revenue while sleeping at night. How does our company compare? Again, we offer the typical solutions for selling products, but in addition, we offer a number of eCommerce capability to sell more sophisticated services. Examples include quote/post-pay or milestone-based payments. The great part is that all the documentation is recorded in a CRM system so that it can be easily tracked and managed.

Starting with the initial customer interaction… and guided by your 100% mobile and user optimized website with online marketing and SEO tools, through the entire purchase process supported by our built in eCommerce with invoicing, to your ongoing customer relationship management; Ocoos offers a complete customer life cycle solution to drive sales.

Ocoos handles all outside interaction online… ranging from service scheduling, product sales, lead generation, event ticket sales and contact forms, to newsletter sign ups and job application portals and more - all included in our low monthly fee.

Ocoos gives you the power to “pick and play” the internet… according to your business needs that week/month/year with real time site updates from your business dashboard - Never pay site maintenance fees again.

Have peace of mind knowing your business website will always be at the forefront of technology resting atop the most complete and technologically advanced small business platform available today.

All Ocoos websites include:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Turn by Turn GPS Navigation
  • Social Media Integration
  • eCommerce
  • eSign Online Waivers
  • Customer Questionnaires 
  • Online Scheduling
  • Product Sales
  • Blog
  • Class Schedules
  • Ticket Sales
  • Job Application Portals
  • Email Newsletter Sign Up Forms
  • Contact Form
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Financial Reporting tools
  • Invoicing
  • Business to Business Recommendations
  • Analytics / Data Mining

    And more!

Furthermore, we have worked with leading clients or industry associations to build optimized solutions for a number of professions. To learn more:

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Ocoos delivers the Silver Springs Concert...

(06/16/2014) Did you attend any of the Silver Springs State Park Concerts this past year? If so, chances are you purchased your tickets through! Ocoos was proud to partner with Silver Springs Management, and the promoter Whats Up Media, in Ocala, Florida as the premier online ticketing service provider for the summer 2013 concert series featuring well known musician Willie Nelson.  Ocoos online ticket sales are an easy solution for events. Do you think your business or non-profit in Ocala, Florida could benefit from selling event tickets online? If so, Request a Demo! We'd be happy to chat with you!

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

(06/11/2014) Ocoos Small Business: Mobile Becoming More Important For Small BusinessesNinety percent of media interactions come through one of four screens (smartphone, laptop, tablet, television) while just 10 percent of media time happens through traditional channels (radio, newspaper, magazine). Moreover, mobile (smartphone and tablet) is the primary research tool for local searches as 62 percent of the U.S. mobile population owns a smartphone and 34 percent of people own a tablet, including 49 percent of college grads and 56 percent of those making more than $75,000. These numbers will continue to climb as mobile plays an increasingly large role in the lives of consumers. What are the lessons: 1. Local search is undergoing dramatic change: Mobile devices are becoming more important for impulse based decisions (where to eat ? where to shop ?) 2. Tracking Customer Behavior becoming more difficult:  As they move between different devices, the customer identification and segmentation process is becoming more difficult.3. SMBs should work with partners:  Working with specialists in web technology (ex Ocoos) as well as various distribution partners (yelp, four square, etc)  is very important. 4. Mobile is the primary use case  for some classes of customers:  50% of's traffic is from mobile.Is your website mobile friendly? Request a demo for a mobile friendly website in Ocala, Florida today!  

Where are the Solutions for Service Based...

(06/06/2014) Over the years, innovation has spurred both growth and efficiency in the distribution sector for products. Today, as a product maker, it is easier than ever to market and sell your offerings. The above graph shows the significant innovations for products which include  mail-order catalogs (Sears), superstores with optimized logistics (Walmart) , speciality superstores (Dick’s, Staples, Bass Pro Shops..etc), and finally into the world of ecommerce with Amazon/Ebay. Service providers have seen no similar increase in efficiency. At best, one can say that Yellow Pages has provided a directory (online and in book) and review systems (Yelp, Google) have provided a method for lowering the barriers for engagement. However, largely suppliers of services are still in the same position that product makers were decades ago.   There is a great need for services-based businesses to get the tools to manage their business as well as network with complementary businesses to build larger more interesting value statements.  Why has this not been done already?   Services are hard and complicated. In contrast to products, services are:more complex to describe, and typically involve a two-way dialog with customer.more complex to manage time/space/capacity.more complex payment relationships (deposits, paid after job is complete)more complex legally with liability agreements to cover on-premises issuessmall, so have to be interlocked with other services to build a more interesting value statement for the final customer.Ocoos is unique in solving the above problems. Specifically, Ocoos: offers a broad set of capabilities to market services which includes an ability to engage with the customers before commitment. All customer interactions are managed through integrated CRM.offers a scheduling function which respects capacity/space, and a patented technique to balance workloads.offers more complex models for payments such as deposits and quote/point-of-sale.integrates legal agreements for digital signature and storage.enables b2b marketing interlock through a patented technique for marketing interlock. With this capability, several small service providers can provides a powerful co-marketing solution allowing businesses to partner for success.  Example: wedding planner, limousine service, caterer, and florist can go to market together.supports all of the above with an integrated database built for analytics, customized reports and data mining. 

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